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Morning started with fouled plugs it seemed.... burnt that off and for the better part of the day the sled was coming on strong.

Until I was running along about 70-80mph and it just died? Digital reading, everything dead? it started up right away and ran strong again.. so I kinda shook my head?

It died once more so we checked the plugs and mag side was toast.. new plug in and it fired up.

Got home, checked compression 140 pto side, 120 mag side.. pulled the exhaust off and the mag side was 'fawked'.

This all after the dealer sold it to me with all the updates done? including oil pump . I specifically asked about that problem and he assured me Cat had it figured out and the update was done on the sled. I even called Cat last week about my $100 dollar credit and oil, and they said I wasn't qualified because after running the serial # of the sled they said it had all the updates?

2 hours to dealer and home tonight... a borrowed trailer etc etc.. and here I am Day 3 with a shot sled already?

Nice.... may be my first and LAST Cat!

What EXACTLY is the problem with this motor, when all the updates have been done and it still cooks??

Do they have the problem fixed or what! Who's running after a burn down or cooked piston, WITHOUT any more problems? anyone?

Demanding the credit everyone else got tomorrow...
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