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GLS, I am wondered, First Send CDI to Race Program for remap on F7 Drag 660ft. Pay $100. Then Can AC remap CDI for normal trail? If does, I pay 100.00 dollar again?

What address for AC Race Program for Remap?

Baby Cat on 1/26/2003 9:31:00 AM

F7 this year

This could be!


bobnemf on 1/26/2003 9:51:00 PM

I talked to a guy who bought a f7 through the
AC race program. He said the race program
sleds are mapped differently and his dynoed
at 150hp. This is a guy I know who has been
very successful in grass with his SRX. He said
to win this season will mean to run the f7. He
also said the factory will remap anyones for
$100 if you send it in to AC. This guy is for
real and a straight shooter. FYI.............
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