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In the process of installing reverse in my 1999 600 EFI and I noticed that the sled had 22/41 gears ( I don't think those are stock). The reverse kit I bought came with 19/39, and obviously I need to use the 39 tooth gear on the bottom to accomodate the reverse, but would I be better off using the 22 tooth upper gear or is there a reason why I should go with the 19. Also, what I gained from using different gears both by gearing up and down on both the lower and upper gear. The sled has a D&D clutch kit, V-force reeds and some other performance goodies and I know that I'll be losing a little something with the reverse, but I want to know if the 22 tooth or 19 tooth top gear is best.

Edit: I am more concerned with low end torgue (for riding tight twisty trails) and fuel economy rather than top end....not a lot of places to open her up to 100MPH anyway.

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