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gear question on 03 f7

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i just put a reverse kit in my 03 f7 the gears that came out were 22, 41 the kit came with 24, 39 is there gona be a performance difference with the different gears?or is it gona be the same with plus 2 on top and minus 2 on bottom.
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I did the same kit on my 03 f7,I did not notice any difference in speed loss,I can still go 116 mph on the lake,the only thing I did notice is that I don't have to bust my ass moving the damm thing. enjoy your new reverse. :div20:
switching from 22 41 to 24 39 is gearing up. if anything it should help you on the top end
Guys just curious how much did the entire reverse project cost? :dunno:
mine cost $599.00 and i did it myself.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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