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gas mileage comparo....

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was out riding with my friend who has a 02 zl600ss efi and my F7 firecat was getting significantly better gas mileage. we stopped several times at about 40 mile intervals and his was taking more than a gallon more than mine at a time. we got our sleds at the same time, and are within 20 miles of each other on the odometer. he has gone through a whole gallon of apv oil and i have only used half a gallon. he is worried and is thinking about taking it back to the dealer. also, an electrical plug on his zl came unplugged on his suspension and we cant figure out where it plugs back into. might be a good idea to shrink wrap the connectors? i wonder how good the 800zl is on gas? my dad has the 800zl ss efi and it is a great handling sled. the suspension is really plush and it handles WELL. my firecat will walk it big time though. :lol: the zl's are great sleds and i think arctic cat should tout the zl's more. seems like the mxz's of skippy-doos are their cash cows for them and thats all you hear about from skidoo arent they the same category sled of the zl?
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I have an '02 ZL800SS efi. I'm very happy with the ride, handling, low gas and oil usage and overall dependability. Have 3,000 miles on it with no problems. We were in Canada with an'02 ZL600efi and a firecat 700. Cats 600's always use more gas and oil than the cats 800's and the firecat700. At 52 miles I took 15.2 liters and the firecat took 14.8. The next fill-up at over 100 miles my 800 took .7 liters less than the firecat. So they are getting the same mileage. I usually average between 15 and 16 mpg (us) in Canada. We're using about the same oil and they are both great on oil. The first time I rode the Firecat I said no way will I be trading next year. I wasn't confident on it at all. I know you have to ride it more than a ZR, but I didn't like the push. We loosened the front ski spring preload, and it was 100% better. It doesn't ride as plush as the SS in the smaller stuff, but is still very accectable, but handles the bigger stuff better. Seems to just skip right over it. I think you can feel the lighter weight of the firecat here, and the weight being closer to the center of the sled. Big difference in seating position between the 2 with the firecat sitting up higher and straighter than the zl. I was getting used to that real quick though. We hit the sleds at about 30 mph because we were on a lake with only an inch of snow with ice underneath, and I'm not studded, the firecat is. Firecat also has D&D clutch kit, 2 deg. timing key, v-force, bulls-eyes, studded and blocks out. The firecat jumped out a sled length and the sleds were about 2 sled lengths apart all the way to 110 on the Firecat speedo. On the trail from a dead stop the Firecat will pull 6 sled lengths ahead quickly. They are very quick. My 800 is box stock, so it isn't all that quick from a dead stop. On another lake with about 6" of snow on it, I was going 100 on my speedo and couldn't go any faster in the fresh snow, and the Firecat went by me. I'm also about 40 lbs. lighter than my buddy on the firecat. I checked the speedo of my sled by going 70mph. The Firecat's speedo was 63. I'm going back to Canada Friday and I'll be riding the Firecat more then. Overall, I liked the Firecat, and will most likely get one next year. If I had bought a Firecat this year and got one that had a few problems, I would not have been happy, because the 800SS is also a great sled and very dependable. But I'm sure the Firecat will have the problems that some have had this year, fixed for '04. The Firecat is a fun sled to drive.
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