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Gas Gauge

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Has anyone come up with a way to light the gas gauge on the newer AC sleds ? :wacko:
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all i do is buy one of those real small like the tip of ur thumb LED lights...they run about 10 dolars maybe morE?? but are real bright and i just attach it to my sled key...and just press it and shine it one the gas gauge ..and being this year the ignition key is on the left side and so is the guage..it will make it even easier...its maybe a inch long by a 3/4 inch wide..and about a 1/4 thick..so its tiny and since its LCD it wont break (no bulb) so it dont matter what kinda boucing it takes...think about it..then u dont have to buy a big old thing that the light is always on it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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