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What's the deal now with the Fuel Switch postion? The Coolant Bulletin States:
C. Make sure the switch on the console is in the ethanol mode.
D. Use regular mode only when running non-ethanol or non-MTBE
Did AC throw the10% ethanol and 15% MTBE pecentages out the window and now they are saying if contains either run the switch in the ethanol mode?

The pump I used to put gas(87 octane) in my sled said "with MTBE". I'm pretty sure from what I've read about NE there is less than 15% in this area. I've been running the switch in the Regular postion without a problem. So now what with this bulletin issued...run in ethanol all the time I guess to be safe?

It would be nice to get a direct answer, complete and detailed, from AC and be able to put this topic to rest and move on.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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