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Fuel Switch Saga Continues

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What's the deal now with the Fuel Switch postion? The Coolant Bulletin States:
C. Make sure the switch on the console is in the ethanol mode.
D. Use regular mode only when running non-ethanol or non-MTBE
Did AC throw the10% ethanol and 15% MTBE pecentages out the window and now they are saying if contains either run the switch in the ethanol mode?

The pump I used to put gas(87 octane) in my sled said "with MTBE". I'm pretty sure from what I've read about NE there is less than 15% in this area. I've been running the switch in the Regular postion without a problem. So now what with this bulletin issued...run in ethanol all the time I guess to be safe?

It would be nice to get a direct answer, complete and detailed, from AC and be able to put this topic to rest and move on.
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Don't expect anything written in stone anytime soon...

This is a hazy area, and who can say what you are really getting for fuel nowadays. I know when I got to Quebec my truck doesn't get as good gas mileage on QC gas.. Why is that? I don't know. Gas blends are always changing and especially in non-brand name pumps you may be getting almost anything.

In doubt and want to play it safe? Run your F7 in the Ethanol position. That's a hell of a lot safer than wasting your money on 93 octane, especially when its likely to contain MTBE.
Take the sled for a long wot run, hit the kill before letting off the throttle, stop, pull the plugs and look at them, if they are lean flip the switch up, if not leave it down.

i'm leavng mine in the ethanol position i would rather run a little rich than to run lean,also in a lean condition, all it takes is one good run to do damage,,(peace) mike :rolleyes:
On other AC EFI sleds they have the plug that has to be connected for the ethanol fuel,that the way it is on my 99ZL. If I am thinking correctly...With the plug disconnected,that would be the same as running in regular mode on the F sleds.When you switch the plug over you now are at the same setting as the ethanol.If that is the case then you would need to run in regular mode on the F sleds unless you get the ethanol gas...????

Thats my 2 cents.....

But ..to be on the safe side it would also be correct to run in the ethanol mode...Oh....more things to remember !!
So what in the heck kind of gas do MOST of us have available to us MOST of the time... 87 octane non-ethanol or non-MTBE gasoline??? I agree, that the way Cat worded and presented those two steps (C and D) that is sounds like running the switch in the Regular position would be the exception to the rule! -- Roy
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