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Fuel regulator

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anyone putting one on, or have experience with them from prior sleds? I've heard they are a good deal, but have never put one on.

Thanks in advance for input.
No snow in Midwest...nothing better to do than think of more things to add to the sled....!gggg

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I will tell you one thing, I haven't had a real good chance to comletely look over all the features, and even the new stuff thats on the F's.. But I think there is no fuel return line. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I think without this, you can't put a regulator on. It may just bleed off in the fuel pump. Again, not exactly sure, this is just from looking at one last weekend after the smart valves froze, with water...oooopps..

All this means, you could only drop fuel pressur, not raise it...which does no good.
The fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the fuel pump. Non-adjustable. <_<


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nice pic, larry :rolleyes:
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