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fuel pick-ups

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has anyone drilled the hole in the rear pick-up to get them by until they get the service bulletin? if so what is drilled, and how did the machine run afterwards??
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Mine has been drilled, Sled is running fine.
where is the hole drilled, any pics??
Drilled mine to...just drilled in the back..make
sure when the bit goes thru no to hit the screen
I used 1 size smaller then 1/8...
Go to earlier post on this topic. I think the best thing to do is to take the white disc out completely. After you do this, there is no more valve. Very easy to do. Just carefully squeaze the two tabs together, and remove the disc that holds the screen on. Then take out the white disc, and slightly stretch out the spring to make up for the thickness of the disc. Put everything back together. The smart valve is in the last pick up from the pump. This was done by loonytune, (reputable mechanic/racer) and he put 10-15 min./miles on it afterwards, and everything ran great.
justaif7 do you mean to leave out the white disc, don't put it back in?
oh screw it, i'll just wait to get the stupid update done, not like i have any snow around here to ride anyway
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