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I think it depends on what you are looking for. :dunno:
If you need to firm up the suspension, turn the adjuster up.
With the spring tight, with weight on the sled, the sled tends to pivot
on the spring, taking away ski pressure.
If you are looking for more ski pressure back it off and set the torsion
spring block on high.
I'm a big guy but wanted more ski pressure so what I did
is back off the front shock till the spring was loose
and bought an slp spring block for the torsion spring.
With the spring block and the .375in torsion spring it is the best of all worlds.
The sled will carry me, it corners really well and still floats in the deep stuff.
I know, usually to get more ski pressure you tighten the limiter
strap, but that also takes away suspension travel which I didn't want.
Hope this helps. :div20:

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Very nice flexible solution.

I still would prefer a suspension with adjustable coupling, but that is not yet coming from Polaris...

For a non-ice racing sled, tightening up the limiter straps in most situations, is basically saying, I don't have the parts to get the suspension working right, so let's just give up travel and rebound, to get the weight distribution to what I want under ONE trail condition.

It prevents the suspension from reacting as it was designed, when it deals with bumps, trail irregularity, tail landings, shifts in rider position, etc.
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