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Finally got to rid today in the Oquossoc area and I am pretty impressed with with this little guy. There won't be another 500 that will even come close. I rode with 2 guys, one had a 600xc and the other had a 500 xc. Never saw the 500 xc all day. The 600 xc would pull me by a little. The mid range on this sled is silly. I think (?) the idle speed jets need to be adjusted one notch to elimenate a low end bog so iv'e been told????? Maybe a little tinkering here and there and I'll be able to pull the 600 xc. Any suggestions.
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seems like you have the same results as me , and you can pull on the 600 trust me on this. check your belt deflection and remove a shim out of the secondary if needed . also make sure your carbs are openeing all the way, seems like the 5 dont from the factory. dan at the outdoorshop also chnaged my helix from a 51 to a 53/51 and that helped as well. and just so you know , wait till the sled breaks in and your running straight fuel in it ! if you think the mid is silly now......... :p
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