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Dropped in Florance at 1pm. I was expecting all spring conditions, so…..

TC Riders trails were the flattest of the day. Houlahan to 46-Corners had all been groomed. I heard from two of our club members that the groomers were out on our system Tuesday. Cool!

The Southern Tug connector to Swancott Mills had stutter bumps and some whoops in some corners.

Over to the Hideaway to the C7B towards the Milk Plant in West Leyden. I went south of the Milk Plant for a few miles. It was good. Let me say, there is snirt just about everywhere. Some worse than others. any plowed roads are very bare & muddy.

Then I continued on the C7B to Boonville. Very good snow cover and relatively flat. Turned behind the Boonville fairgrounds and then went behind the high school. Very snirty behind the school. The usual spots that pool water in the fields were starting. Nothing deep yet. The only water cut of the day was west of the high school. And it was only across half the trail.

Now for Constableville. The trail to Smith Rd from the turnoff to the gas station is horrid. I was surprised it wasn’t roped off. Bare dirt and when there was a bit of snow, it was whooped. All the way to the Smith Rd parking lot. No overheating on my 800 Doo.

The Smith Rd Truck trail over to Plumber Rd and Highmarket was good.I saw the parts tree by Phantom's old camp. I saw about 13-sleds all day. A group of five heading north from Highmarket.

Behind Barrows it got whooped. Then the muddy grind along the plowed section of Michigan Mills Rd. The snow covered length of Michigan Mills was brutal! All the way to Camp 4.

It was very whooped with small rollers forming. Ouch!

Camp 4 was very nice. I blasted down that. I love my Monster shocks!

Back through Swancot Mills to the very flat TC Riders trails and on to the Florance Hotel for a couple of Jack & Cokes.

98-miles, of which 20-sucked. An overall rating of 6 outta 10. Good mid-March spring conditions. Boonville & The Hill being the best. My feeling is the conditions will be the same Weds., so it’s worth going with spring conditions in mind. The big snow coming up may change everything, of course.
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