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Floater Jackets/suits

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Well there are quite a few of us that ride trails that cross lake or rivers

I wonder how many ride witha Floater sled jacket or suit

I have since around 95

I have 2 Lake Runner Buoy-O-Boy sled jackets

The past couple of season I have been wearing the HJC Floatex sled jacket

I know of a few with Mustang IceRider jackets/suits

And FXR has a new floater also called FXR Floatex

I have never really been that scared of riding on ice of course using common sense,but I feel a xtra sense of security for that just incase incident

I have fallen through the ice when I was around 12yrs old,not sledding though,but it was a humbling experience being almost neck deep after fallen through early ice on a river near my parents house and having to break 2 +inch thick ice to get back to shore

True Floaters are heavier,but they are getting lighter

They are really warm,I have ridden in complete comfort in -35C weather

Though above -5c(23f) it does get too warm if riding agressively

Anyone else wear floaters :dunno:

I have heard of some people wearing PFD under there jackets also when they ride over lake and rivers :cn:

Better be safe then sorry IMO :div20:
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I wear a inflatable live vest in a waist pouch-the same as we use for sailboat racing. I also have the icepicks around my neck and every guy in the group carries a 50 ft throw bag just in case. We also make sure everybody knows what to do if a sled goes in. A few moments at breakfast go a long way. When a accident happens is no time to be wondering what to do!
Great ideas Jim :)

Planning goes a longways in an emergency :div20:

I bought my brother some of those Ice picks as he goes early and late season ice fishing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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