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Flannery Trail port XCR 800 with tempaflow

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Anybody have one of these and if so how does it work with this set up?Also I am jetted 440-450-440,will that be a good base line jetting?440's are stock-20 but the motor has pipes,heads,reeds and flannery trail porting,do I still use the factory jetting or should it be fatter?
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I run 450's in my HTG kitted XCR with out the porting, but I am running blind
not temp gauges. I like runnin a bit on the safer side of jetting, 440's would be to close to lean for me, I am not runnin the tempa-flow either.

If this is a new sled to you I would jet up or call flannery for recomendations and above all do some plug checkin thru the cold months or get an EGT
just to be safe..

Burn Downs SUCK!!

I have pictires


1502.jpg 1503.jpg 1504.jpg and 1505.jpg

the TF is mounted in the bottom of the air box on the XCR

run 50 pilots and the .8 AJ's

I plan on running my TF at the DOT with 450 mains at the moment..

I have Ceramic Coated HTG Pipes and have been running them on my XCR for 5 seasons now, what I can tell you is they don't make a bit of difference in jetting.. The Coating may however just keep the pipe temp more consistent and may provide some help at LONG LONG Distance running. if anything coating helps retain pipe heat abit once hot to help the motor rev quicker.. but there is NO HP or Torq gains, or jetting to be worried about..

I also have been running ceramic coated pipes on my 1987 Indy 600 Piston Port
sled for almost 15 years now.. I still have the sled, the pipes still look good and the
sled is a fun ride for nostalgic purposes and it does suprise some newer bigger sleds from time to time.. but it has nothing to do with the ceramic coatings..
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Mike, actually I switched from the hose that connected the 2 nips to individual
caps.. not shown in the pix, its the other carbs vents that plug in to the T that goes in to the airbox on to the TF..

the only drilling is the top middle carb cap..

Originally posted by Fire Chicken@Nov 30 2005, 10:15 AM
RogerBzXCR, thanks for all your help/knowledge for this topic and all my other discussions.

Nice job on the TF!  Question... did you simply connect the 2 vaccum lines on the box together?  far left/far right vaccum nipples from the airbox?  I see the line coming out of the box, going to the black T.  I believe you have those lines running to each carb bowl, correct? 

I get a little nervous with drilling in carbs and playing around with vaccum.  I just rebuilt this thing.

polarissnox03 -  I can provide you with Flannery's number if you like.  I'll PM it to you.
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