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This is a first time for me posting on this forum as well as this is my first time owning an Artic Cat. I recently purchased a 04 F7 Carb SD Nightfire and I'm looking forward to making this machine sing. It has SLP twins as well as 4dgree timing key; Vforce reeds and a modified airbox running a Polaris belt/clutching setup.

Sounds good but I want more...just like the rest of you. My dad is an expert at porting 2strokes (That’s been his living for the last 20years) and we are looking to get this motor kicked up a notch. We are looking at the head and we measured the Squish band at 76ths...this is where we have problem the book states that it should be around 59ths, how can this be? The cranking compression is around 140LBS...Which is close? Anyhow I was looking to send the head out but before I do that I wanted to get some advice or suggestions from you guys.

Of ya this site rocks!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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