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Saturday morning I decided it was time to fill the gas tank and go through the AC recommended "burping" procedure. I went through the entire cycle four times. I never had the coolant level drop, so assume I am OK? (The only part of the procedure that seemed vague to me was how long to leave the sled tipped onto the clutch side at balance point --- so I left mine up about 15-20 seconds each time).

I wanted to ride the F7 in the worst way... The ice on our lake may be questionable in places so I loaded the machine onto the tilt bed trailer and traveled about 6 miles to an area of an adjacent lake that has many bays and reliable trails which have already been marked.

I took the sled off the trailer and rode about 2 miles then checked coolant, 3-4 miles checked again and so on. All seemed to be OK and the level did not drop at all. There is virtually no snow here... as many bare ice spots as snow covered spots.

Of course I had to pull the happy lever hard a few times... I have 170 studs and 8" carbides with the coupler blocks in the #2 position. The rear springs are both in the #3 or stiffest position and I weigh about 250#. I was surprised but the sled, although it felt like it pulled very hard only gave about a 6" ski lift from a dead stop. This I thought was good but will wait for more snow before making any changes. Also didn't get a chance to trail ride at all.

I never had the machine over 80mph but let a buddy take it out and he said he pulled 98mph in 3 barrels on the lake which should be about 1000'. He also asked his wife for the checkbook when he came back in!

Coincedentally, I did check the oil line for bubbles and it was OK. Also looked at orientation of oil line near the clutch and it was perfectly straight and was being held in place by about 3 machined "hooks". It does not appear the there would be any way for this to come loose.

Only 10 miles on so far, but all seems fine! I think it's going to be a great winter if we get snow! :D
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