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First ride report

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All i have to say is wow. :D :D This machine is everything that i hoped it would be. I had only put 70 miles on it, but let me tell you people this was some of the hardest 70 miles i have ever riden. Five of us went to tug hill this weekend and hooked up with some locals who were nice enough to show us around. The trails were about the worst i have ever ridden. 3 to 4 fot mogules for about ten miles straight.

Now onto my report. The sleds that were there were 2003 zr 9, 2001 mach z 800, 2003 RX-1, 2001 ZL efi esr (wifes) and my F7 snopro.
I just want to say at the end of the mogules i had a good wait of about 15 mins for the others to catch up accept the 900. I also want to say i never broke the 6500 rpm range.
This machine also likes to fly, and what i mean y that is get airborne. As for some of the handling issues i have read about, i have had none. This machine begs to be ridden so ride it. If you want something that requires no body english then you should have bought a ZL. My wife has a nickname for her ZL, she calls it the snowmocouch.

I also want to say that my buddy with the mach went home crying. He just hated geting smoked by the 900 and by my 700. I did not run him flat out but he just hates being last to the rest stops.

So for all you people who are still waiting to ride, just sit back and smile because when your day comes smileing won't be nothing new to you. :D :D :D

(hoping for 2500 miles by X-mas)