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First ride-Finally!!!

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on the forum. I've been reading all the concerns and praises that people have been having in regards to their f-cats. Long story short, first ride this weekend (red f-7 snopro) and no engine problems whatsoever (knock on wood!) I and two other f-cats rode approx. 25 miles and this machine is scary fast! My only concern (on my first introduction) to this beast is is the handling issue, it tipped with no warning whatsoever! Don't get me wrong, I understand the need to "drive this sled" rather than ride it , but it was a bit unnerving to find myself doing my best impression of superman when running the lake this weeknd. I can under stand the possibility of this on tight trails, but not on a sweeping gradual corner at about 60mph. I definately didn't expect the ensuing 250yd slide on my rear end. Any other ideas on keeping the front end where its supposed to be?(That would be, on or closer to the ground). Or, I guess the real question is; How long did it take to get the feel of the sled? I'm not new to sledding by any means, but my suprise introduction to frozen water has caused some" trusting the sled "issues. I'm from Minnesota, and snow is really scarce right now, so I'm wondering if I'll see an improvement when there is a better snowpack.

-- Springs set 1/3 from top of shock, rear blocks set at #2, studded, and 10" carbides.

-- Any input would be appreciated> Shainsaw
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I had the same problem with my first ride. (F-5 reg) Sled will lift the ski for no reason. I was able to drive in varing conditions, I had to hang way off the sled and still i got the feeling that the sleds inside ski still wanted to come up. I will adjust the blocks to the 3 position and suck up the limiter strap up and see if this will help. To much transfer, Couldn't hit the throttle until almost all the way out of the corner or the sled would push. I have 102 1.175 60deg woodys and stock carbides. I will be changing to 6 inch as soon as we have better conditions. A little adjust here and there and I think it will rock.
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