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First "real" ride today!

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:wacko: I was riding with a rat pack of sleds tonight and had a few problems keeping up with the boys I used to lead around on my 01 ZR 600 EFI! On the high speed decreasing radius turns I was pushing like crazy in the softer snow. I had to get way inside to keep the ski down ... I'm going to print up Robs setup and have my shop do the same thing.
But then the bumps got deep! The F7 SnoPro sucked up holes in the earth that swallowed everything else! I was at the top of the Bloodroute Pass about two minutes ahead of the pack (about 8 miles). Man, thats one sweet suspension!
Then the famous red light started going on and off intermitantly and I slowed things down a bit and it sill flashed occasionly. The snow was loose and deep so I don't think the cooling was an issue and it still ran fine. Well tomorrow its going in the shop for its reverse kit so I'll have them check it out.
Then it got really scary! I was riding along .. big bumps .. tap the throttle to clear a hole .. hit perfect, land ..... and then she just died! F#@$% I was pissed! Run back to wave my arms so the guys behind me don't run me over.. They're all laughing at me, joking about having to tow me in. We all stand there and look at the dead F7 when I had a thought ..kill switch! :huh: Well I pulled it back up and she fired first pull! Then I felt really stupid but very relieved! I'm not sure how I hit it because I was holding on for all I was worth. All and all a GREAT ride! :wub:
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No I don't have reverse but I did have an intermittant red light (f7). Dealer had no idea, except for the 'battery' indicator which would be strange. This is the third post mentioning the RED light. Do you know what it is?
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