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After listening to my 2 boys (8+10) continually tell me that their Kawi Sno-Jet 340 would kick my @ss for the last 4 weeks...I had to do something about it ......

Not much snow around here but enough to wet the slides.....So I told the boys let GO !

They picked the lightest one of the two to race me figuring their 250 lb sled would have the weight advantage...even though their HP rating was less...

I warmed up the F7 to Factory specs and was ready...

We lined up in a nice flat field , 1/2 mile long and had the older one flag.....Well let me tell you, that Kawi had quite a hole shot and it took me nearly till the half mile mark to pass him but I did....Boy was I happy !! I guess now the boys will lay off for a while !

Mind you I'm still running Pre-Mix and only have 24 mile on the F7...I figure that after this tank is gone and the sled loosens up I should be able to catch him a lot earlier....

So next time you guys meet up with a 340 Sno-Jet , be careful ,but I figure you should be able to handle it....Now if you running a F5 It may be a different story !

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