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impressions: (snopro) I ride as hard as anyone...fast and on the edge.

Lots of Power - destroyed everything I raced... so much that so that everyone were scratching their heads....the last 1/4 of throttle was amazing...push it in and feel the surge... Track is awesome for hookup...my buddies are all going to be getting deep lug tracks...!

Front Susp... I think it is valved/sprung a little too stiff. I couldn't bottom it, and that is not a good sign. It was really jumpy through 2-3 foot bumps until you hit 70 or so, then it would smooth out.

Rear Susp. Pretty good...bottomed it a couple times in 600 hard miles...about right. need to tune a bit to reduce kickback a bit, but overall handled the bumps very well.

Stability: Other than the jumpy front below 70 mph, very impressive. It saved me a couple times when I got off camber in the air. Landed several approaches where I was at least 20 feet up. Cornering was about on par with all my zrs and snopros. Acceptable.

In short... no breakdowns, ran great...I'm happy.
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