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Firecats . . .

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My little girl loves her daddy so much, she is going to be disappointed if they don't have one like her daddy. Since Polaris and Skidoo both look identical to the big ones, it would be nice to see the same with Cat F series.

What do you think? :blink:
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I'd love to see a 370/440 fan for my 10 and 12 yr. old
i think they will once they stop making the ZR style sled and move over to F-cats
:rolleyes: Just imagine a fan cooled firecat. Lighter than whipped cream on the moon !!
I think if Cat could make a 2/3 size Firecat Chassis with a 340 fan ESR for the Kids, they would steal the market.
But hey, who am I. Just a consumer with Kids, all Cat Lovers.................................

the problem with that is there isn't enough demand for it. look @ yammie the had a "mighty kids" sled included with mighty kids meal instead of the small one included with the happy meal. Notice they dont make it any more.
:ph34r: I dont know if there will be a fan cooled Firecat but, Ski-doo is going to make a 550 fan cooled Rev for 2004
Cat better get with the program then!
Hopefully, they are ahead of our thinking.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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