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Firecats Rule!!

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Just checkin' the new place out. I'm the member formerly known as F7neck.
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im just checkin out the new place..... formally known as teamarcticf-5
Just checking out the place, formerly know as Earl McCreary
Hey this place looks like the old place. Can we change the blue to green? More Cat like colors. F7_Ditch_Jumper formerly known as f7_ditch_jumper.
Bunch of comedians eh? LOL
I`m here now too. Formerly Known as Slider78, J/K 79. But who cares I don`t know my self.
Rob; How do you fix the time and date of post
I am formally Johnny_Thunder on the other forum, i changed names because my name is dave and its gets confusing when people call me john, so this eliminates the problem!

Bill, go to "My controls" and then "Board Settings".

ps, I'm still me.
maybe i should change my name too??? i was big fire chief..but ive lost 30 pounds in the past few months...but i still weigh 220....when can i be little fire chief?? haha
I'm stil here also. Hey Chief that's some good weight loss. I wish I could drop 25lbs. Good to see everyone's back.
me too still the same,
Back in the Saddle. hehehe
I'm backkkkkkkk! Was that an Aerosmith song??????

Still using my last name, as I was formerly know - as my last name. Holy Crap have you tried to pronounce that name, I sometimes have a hard time with it!!
Hello. No, I do not have a Firecat, but I will next year! Later, sxrlar.
All I did was change my avatar.........
I am still RedF7 cause I can't think of anything clever.
I'm back as Highlander, lots of snow and cold in the highlands of Cape Breton.
CatMan2 Just trying to increase My number of posts!!!
It's good to be back, that was a scary rollercoaster ride. Now I have a place to hang my hat again..


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1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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