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Finally rode it!!!!!

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Did my first 60 miles today....where to start... Both of us have new SP F-7's, and both, at exactly the same time (2.5 miles), just shut down. Both of us thought that we had pooched the motors, even after tipping them on their sides, holding the front and rear up and warming for 20 mins. Its was -20 C 6 inches of snow and no premix at all. Heads and exchangers were warm before and after. After a lot of cursing and yelling we tried to turn them over and they both started and ran great for the rest of the day. No warning lights and no need to add coolant. Weird!! UFO overhead maybe?

Very fast machines!! Love the seat, handlebars, power, ride and handling. Gas mileage sucks; not even near the 13 to 15 mpg I was told before buying it. Worked out to 9 mpg. We did most of the 60 miles on logging roads at 60 to 100mph. OK maybe 9 mpg isn't that bad :blink: Ski lift takes a while to get used to...and we'll be playing around with settings.

I have Simmons skis on mine and loved it compared to his stock ones...as did he after trying mine. If you want a cruiser you bought the wrong machine!!!

Very nimble and scary fast. By the way we both had zr 800's last year.

(I don't like reviews from somebody that went from a 340 Enticer to the F7... :p )
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OK...I liked the Simmons 'cause they definately showed less if not any push that was evident with the stock ones (I have one 4 inch cutter on each side). There was less darting on 'used' trails, more floatation, all around seemed more in control. The fellow I was with said that he sensed that he could go faster into the twisty stuff because he felt more confident with where the sled was going.

Don't like the price of 'em, and they feel 'bigger' ...ie...more effort to turn them; I found that to be a good thing.
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