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Well boys dont go out thinking your going to run with the big boys........My STOCK F7 got a lickin today from everything accept a ZR8 and an RMK 700. I'm not sure what to think about this situation it was rather embarrasing for team green......there was three of us with F7's all running the same so no BS here. The fastest sled was an 800 summit HO......and he passed me at will and left me by no less than 10 lengths in a half mile.......
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clutching and gearing will help. Remember its a 700.
My guess is that if you got beat by a Summit then you were in some serious powder. Is this true, do you have a SnoPro?
well thats an odd story, read my post about how my sled ran against some sleds, you may be surprised.

this is the adress:

what kind of sleds were the other one's, besides the summit, that gave you a "lickin"?
gotta rember it's only a 700,.....i think it will pick up some more
top end speed once it's broke in,
no matter what all the hype about the cats, when we get beat,
it will more than likley be a bigger sled,
altho..i am surprised you got beat buy that ski-doo <_<
1st....I have 80 miles on it......well 95 now
2nd....4 inches of snow on a flat field
3rd.....The sleds were Summit8ho, xc8, xc7, xcr8, rmk8, rmk7, Zr8, i

I know these guys and they dont run stock stuff.........well the engines are but the clutching and jetting is on edge.........
did you ever think that maybe your sled is not 100% for some reason? this sounds way off compared to other forum members ? <_<
I know these guys and they dont run stock stuff[/b]
...there's half the reason if all 3 F7's were beat the same amount

the sleds you listed in stock form will not give a F7 a "lickin"...no way
I have raced several of the sleds you listed that beat you and they were not even in the same league. NO other 700 is even close. I would say all three of you have problems, as odd as that my sound.

I totally agree with you on what you said about the sleds being out of there league!
i raced a 03 pro x 800 polaris last week, still had pre-mix in tank,
i weigh 265 lbs, and my buddy on the pro x weighs 175
we were dead even for about a 1/8 mile then he started to pull me
if i was 90lbs lighter i think it would be a different story
i believe every 10 lbs robs aprox 1 h.p.
I still have pre mix in the tank but not very much........for the first 50 miles I ran pre mix and then topped her off with regular......so the amount left in her is probably 300:1. As for running good On one pass my check engine light was flashing like crazy so I shut her down and all was well after that......The other F7's and I were neck and neck all the way thru. I understand about stock to stock.....but I thought my F7 was alot stronger and it would do better out of the box regardless of the clutching they have. as for a short drag I think I was even but they just walked away after that.

Was there an issue with the F7's about WOT not being right on???
I was at the races today...the f7 beat every thing in sight!!!
There were..viper..4srx's..xc 700..zr 900..
the viper..srx..700 were all studded.jetted,clutched
2 f7 one studded one not..both with less 15 miles
no pre-mix..900 had 10 miles and was stock no stud's
They were racing 700 feet and both f7's beat every thing there!!
Neither lost a race except the f7 which was not studed lost to
the one that was...but was catching up on the top end
and yes the f7's were stock.
I just got back from riding-put on about 180 miles in the last two days. Sled has 280 miles on it. I raced just about every twin except a 900 and I didn't lose one race. (500 ft on a marked strip). Last night there was a Pro X 800, a 02 XC 800, a ZR 800 (my buddies) and a '03 Doo 800. The only one that was even close was the Doo. We would run side by side and I would be pulling on him right at the end of the track. The rest of the sleds weren't even in the race. My buddy on the ZR said it was clear that me and the Doo were racing each other, the ZR and Pro-X were racing for second and the XC was last every time. We raced about 10 times and the results were always the same. Today I race a 670 HO, an MxZ 700 and a Rev 600. The 670 was the fastest but I still beat him pretty soundly. I say this sled is everything it is cracked up to be. If you are getting beaten badly then something is wrong or the competition is modded.
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My throttle cable was way loose from factory, so wot wasn't wot.
Adjust it so there's a tiny tiny tiny bit of movement before the throttle switch moves.
Was it noticable on the throttle or what tipped you off that it wasnt wot??

Any guess as to why the check engine light was flashing??
If you are being honest about the sleds that beat you there must be something wrong with your sled and the rest of the F7 that were with you today. I would think that out of three one would have beat a summit based on weight, extra track to move and just being less than a Cat. I have run my Sabercat F7 SP against all of the sleds you mentioned and have had to look back to see where they were when I wanted to return to the starting line. Don't get me wrong I don't think you are a BS'r but in my area, central Alberta the boy's no matter what yhey pour gas into have respect for the F7. Only the young with big balls want to take a poke at the mighty F7, I don't blame them as they have the mojo that is needed to keep our sport alive.
Sorry no BS here and what are the odds of having 3 F7's with problems.......not likely. The summit 800ho has the clutching out of the Rev a 144 inch and a 1.25in track aside from that STOCK......and he was gone. I have posted pics here and talked about how well the F7 does against other stock sleds but be carefull when the other guys start clutching.........oh by the way the 800ho has 500 miles on it and is off the chip and all 500 miles has been 1300 feet at a time if you know what I mean.
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