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F7 vs. 600HO

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So I walk into a local Skidoo dealer with my buddy who rides a Mach Z. I go to this dealer often as it is just down the road from my shop. My buddy was there to have his DESS reprogrammed. I walk in the front door and the owner of the place is mouthing off about how all these 600HO are whipping F7's. I turned around and said WHAT!?! There was about 8 people listening to him blab, so I jumped right in. I told him to get one of his 6's out in the field behind the dealer. I said I'd be over in ten minutes with my sled to shut him up. Well, those 600's are so fast that none showed up!! He wouldn't bring one out to race me. Needless to say, I shut him up. What I didn't know then, but found out later, is that one of the people standing there was the territory rep for Skidoo. HAHA. I was mouthhing off to brass and they wouldn't say shit if they had a mouthful. In all honesty, the dealer is a great guy, but don't me mouthing off something that is so far from the truth. I caught him in the act and shut that skidoo parade down.
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funny how people get quiet when they get caught..........
Way to go!!!! ;) ;) ;)
What is the attachment supposed to be? Not a quicktime movie. I tried that. Anyway, good job for puttin him in his place. There are people in My club that insist that the F7 numbers are wrong and that their sleds are faster! I CAN'T WAIT!
I can see all the F7's showing up for the first club rides....

get ready for a million 500' Runs :D C-YA....SMOKED :lol: NEXT.

Get out the big boy, I dont have all day :ph34r:
Nick, the attachment is nothing! I thought I was putting on a signature. Guess I need to learn how to use this site and my computer a little better.
BlackSaber7 that's all I'm waiting for is the big boys. Two of my friends run Mach Z's. I'm willing to admit them top end, but to 500, 1000 feet, I won't give it to them. I can't wait for that white top at xmas.
:lol: I suppose he's trying his best to sell a few more sleds, no matter what it takes!
I raced my buddies 600 HO this past weekend. He couldn't wait to line up to my F7. I'll admit it is pretty quick but it was still no contest. Then I gave him a rolling start of about 3-4 sled lengths and I still ran him down in 500 ft. He was happy-He thought I would blow by him alot sooner. :p

One thing is for sure-whenever I ran my F7 last weekend-all eyes were on the race. I think every other brand owner wants to see it get whooped but it doesn't happen very often.
thats good, i also heard a mna talking to show off to his friends at a bar " yeah the RX-1's waste those F7's to them they are like green bogger flying way back behind them". i wanted to say somthing but i kept my mouth shut as not to cause trouble
:angry: SEND ALL THE RX-Tons MY WAY!!!!! I take great pleasure in killing yammie's, It's what I live for!!!

IF Their r any quiet Yammie owners on this sight, PLEASE come to Saskatchewan, I have a real BIG surprise
for your tree hugger sled!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
f7 109 in 3/4 mile 600 revho with 400 miles and chip broke in 3/4 mile96 mph not even a race.i here the 8 is a closer race but havent raced one yet
well, i've race the rev600 ho many times against my F7. Same result, ie. down a lake from a rolling start, approx. 1/2 mile run, about 6-8 sled lengths ahead of the 600!!!!!!!!
This is what I like to hear!! I still want that dealer to line up with me. I'd like to shut his ass up!! He's always blowbagging
I only get beat by 2 sled lengths on my F5 snopro against my buddies REV 600 HO in the quarter. We did it many times this Friday at Tug Hill. He was very impressed with my F5!
There isn't a stock ski-doo made that will touch an F-7, either 500 ft. or top end. I have approx 1200 miles on my sled and it has been no problem to race. The best whole shot by any ski-doo and I have been able to run them down and pass
Well, raced my buddies f7 with my 600ho and beat him every single time in 1/8 mile runs.We switched sleds and I could tell he would blow by me with more room.This was with hard pack and both sleds unstudded.Dont line up with the 800 REV you will lose...as a700 vs 800 should.
Does anyone drive anything other than straight lines on here? Everyone always comparing to ski-doo in 1/4 mile etc., but few are comparing overall handling to the doo. I'm a TOTAL cat man, but i've tried the Rev, and we got work to do on the Firecats if you want to stay with the Revs on twisty trail conditions. The Rev is better in the corners, period. So lets trail ride and come up with set ups to get our Firecat missles turning better.
And if i hear about letting off on the centre shock once more, it isn't the solution. Like i said, i'm going to also stiffen up the front shock valving and afterwards put on a stiffer sway bar. I'll let you know when done the results.
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