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f7 v. srx

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1000ft. hard packed wide trail in the u.p. we both lined up i had 60 miles on my f7 with 102 studs and he 192, mine bone stock and he had pipes cluthed, and god knows what else the 1st race was no contest with the amount of studs he had compared to me he smoked me off the line so we went again from about a 15 to 20 mile roll and it was damn close at 1000 f7 my spindles were at his leg, he did beat me but like i said mine wasnt broke in and he had pipes and possiabley more if i had an srx and spent all that money and was only winning by a half a sled length i would be pissed, but now i have 200 flawless miles on it and i would like to try it again cause at about 150 it really started to loosen up so bring um on, i know a stock srx will be no contest... im very very happy with the sled takes some getting used to but look out now...
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