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F7 up on the hill

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Up at Tug Hill this weekend and enjoyed 180 TROUBLE FREE miles. This sled rocks!!! I like it much better than my ZR800cc of last year. It really doesn't take too much getting used to. For me, I just got close to the hump where the tool box is to centralize my weight and the sled corners better than the ZR!!
Very stable and she really likes the moguls. (Anyone who rides the hill on a weekend in the afternoon knows what I'm talking about). I had no problem skimming over the moguls at high speed.
One thing that happened to me which has never happened before was just about every time I stopped some where, somebody would look at the sled and then come over and ask me how I liked her or to tell me how great it looked. It kinda makes all the problems associated with a brand new sled worth it. I hope with 180 miles on her I don't have to worry about a melt down anymore!. By the way I'm running an F7 Team Arctic SP.
One more time......AWESOME SLED!! john:rolleyes: