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F7 survives virgin run!!

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:D Happy to say my F7 made it 120 miles in Ironwood area with no major problems. Sled rocks! No coolant needed at all, only problem is minor, leaking brake fluid, thinking it's a bad line. Sled has awesome low and mid range. For those of you who have posted turning radius seeming bad, I put some 8" carbides on it and it has a tighter turn radius than my 01' Sno Pro. My F7 is the Sno Pro with 102 picks, staggered side to side.

Did several drags with both my 01' SnoPro (this sled is one of Black Magic's test sleds with a carbed 711 Invader engine) and F7. The run was, I would guess, about 300 yards on a lake norhteast of Ironwood, not Gogebic. There were sleds from all makes and cc's, it was dark. I know there were several Revs and Polaris, but no Yamahas at all. 1st run with 01' Sno Pro beat every thing, not even close ,only sled with me was an F7 Sno Pro picked.(This guy pulled next to me and asked me what the hell I had in there) As the races continued I got on my wife's F7 and once again smoked everything. She said there must have been about 15-20 sleds in each race. The only sled that was right there with me and the other F7 was a 2002 ZR800, actually he was pulling us at the end of the run. He claimed it was all stock, except for studs.
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Originally posted by highlander@Dec 10 2002, 01:50 PM
how much did your sno pro beat the F7 by in 660 feet?
The F7 was right with me the whole way, then I started to pull on him after about 200 yards, but not by much. My Sno Pro was supposedly radared at 113mph by Black Magic, however it's seemed to have lost alittle top end. Having Goodwyn Performance dyno tuning it next week. B) Now my Sno Pro has scavenger airbox, TMX carbs, V Force reeds, reed spacers and clutched, twin pipes an d actually may be alittle lighter than the F7!!
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