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F7 SP suspension

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This past weekend while riding at the Hill, I noticed that the rear suspension was low. I then noticed that the rear arm was just about touching the coupler blocks. Upon lifting the rear of the sled I knew the suspension went flat since when let go, it fell right to the coupler blocks with hardly any resistance.After about 1/2 hour, the suspension was firm again. This is the same problem that I had on my "02 800cc last year!!! Last year it took 5 trips to my dealer until the figured the problem out. Some of the shocks along with the dial adjuster had air trapped in the system and if not bled and charged properly, the air remained. When ridden hard the air heats up and breaks down the damping properties of the shock. Once cooled or just easy riding will keep the shock firm again.
Now this year the F7SP suspension seemed really firm so I left my spring adjusters on the #2 position. I weigh about 175lbs. so I figured that the setting would be sufficient. Sundays ride was very bumpy and of course I didn't baby the sled. I hope by increasing the setting to the #3 position will take care of the problem but I'm cautiously optimistic at this time.
Has anyone else encountered this potential problem? By the way I have 248 hard miles on the sled.
I will post a follow up this this one after riding this weekend. john