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Have logged just over 800 miles on my Fcat. I am completely happy with the product. Of course there are minor issues with recalls but common, like we couldn't have expected this.
This thing flat out rocks. Smoked every sled I rode with. And if I hear 'Ya, you only got me cause of my track spin' once more..I'm going to puke!
Sorry that your sled isn't so finely equiped as mine. Anyway, she's a beauty. Have yet to hit top speed because of the conditions I was in. Definitely likes it's input and speed. I found the faster you hit things (ie. bumps) the better it reacts. Same with cornering, the more input the flatter it rails.
I guess the biggest surprise to me was the fuel/oil mileage! This thing is phenomenal. 150 km on bumpy wide open trails with a average speed of about 45mph and it only used 28 litres.WTF?!?! The other boys on the Mach Z's and bigger twins were each at 38-39 liters of fuel. And, it only swallowed 1 litre of oil after 237.5 miles. I think that this is such a big bonus! I was always the lowest price at every pump we stopped at. Even lower than my buddies mxz6 which is fantastic on fuel.
Anyway, to those who have yet to put on so many, stop worrying and start riding. These Fcats are the deal. Fuck is it great to smoke a Mach Z in loose pack trails and straits!! I believe this to be one of the most efficient sleds ever. Everything is there. Good luck!!
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