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You must have been riding when I put this on last week. :cool: I wrote it last year due to the MTBE confusion. I revised it to include VT.

Gas for EFI in NH, Maine & VT

This is really applicable to all sleds but the EFI fuel shunt connector makes it easy to get wrong.

Some gas pumps in VT, Maine & Northern NH have stickers that read “contains MTBE”. This does not mean the gas is reformulated (RFG) and does not require a jetting change or disconnecting the EFI fuel shunt.

All gas in N.NH, VT & ME contains less then 5% by volume of MTBE and has since the phase out of lead. The actual % is more like 3% or less. RFG in the Northeast contains 11% MTBE by volume and is required only in the lower four counties of NH. Northern NH does not require it. Statewide Maine did require it until they opted out of the program due to concerns for the water supply. The MTBE stickers appear to be a means for the gas company to let the public know that MTBE is in non-RFGas.

Interestingly, Maine’s gas is not the same as N.NH’s gas. Maine’s gas is a “southern” blend which has a lower “Reid Vapor Pressure”. This gas may lead to hard starting and rough idle but when you are “on the pipe” there is little difference.

As far as other NE States and NY, I don’t have a clue. An MTBE pump sticker does not mean RFG but an RFG sticker in the Northeast does mean MTBE at 11% and you should adjust. If you ride in VT, ME or N.NH just buy your gas there.

Almost! Realize that there are no laws against these gas stations having RFG in their pumps. Because the stuff is more expensive, chances are they won’t. But if they are despirate to get a delivery and they can “cut a deal” with the terminal, they might take a load now and then.

My $.02 and of course your results may vary.