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just thought some of you guys might like to read this, now I don't own a F7 so don't quote me please.
F7 Fuel Switch---Which Position Should Be Used?
This just in from Black Magic
The new Firecat F7 vehicles have a switch to allow you to increase your fuel mixture to allow for the various fuels that are currently being marketed. The switch has a positon for "Ethanol" and the other position is marked "Regular".

The Ethanol position is slightly richer and will allow you to operate your vehicle with the fuel that has Ethanol to reduce emissions.

All snowmobilers need to be aware that most fuel that is produced today has ethanol in the fuel. Very few stations offer a fuel that has no ethanol at all. If the station is offering a fuel without ethanol the pump should be marked as such. These will be stations like an Amoco, or now known as BP, with the Ultimate fuel in the "Gold" pump in the non- metro areas. These pumps are to be marked with a notification that will indicate the fuel is to be used for Off Road vehicles, boats, or antique vehicles of some sort.

When you keep the above in mind, it becomes apparant that most of the time you will have ethanol in your fuel. Thinking of this, you should be operating your vehicle with the switch in the ethanol position, unless you are confident the fuel you are using has no ethanol at all.
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