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F7 Clutching - What Have you Tried?

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I started with a D&D Kit(63 Gram weights, stiffer Primary and Driven springs and I think a 56-52 Helix), it felt pretty good off the line(although it had a slight bog) but fell flat on it's face at about 90mph. So then I changed the Helix to a BM 60-49 which seemed to help better on top. Clutch engagement wasn't as high as I wanted so I switched to a teal D&D driven spring (185/295) and 65 Gram D&D big dog weights(Iknow they offset each other) and went back to the D&D helix. Backshift was junk, so I went back to the 63 Gram weights. Now the sled leaves hard off the line, doesn't over-rev like stock, it's just a nice even pull. It hit 104.6 in 1000' this way on radar(with only 21/42 gearing - it was almost out of gear), although it's now underrevving at 7500-7600. So I've now ordered some 62 gram weights, which I will try with the teal drive spring, but If it is to stiff I'll put the original D&D Clutch kit spring in. I will also put 23/40 back in it as that really seemed to work.

Basically what I want is for the thing to leave the line violently, not overrev, and hold 7700-7900 rpm the whole way through.

What else has everyone else tried? No bashing please, just share your experiences and thoughts, on specific things you've tried. I know the Dakota Performance clutching kit works well, but I have so many parts myself I'm trying to come up with a good combination.
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D&D Doesn't make 62 gram weights so I'm trying BM SS/X Sno Cross weights with Engagement Notches. I'm still going to use teal spring. I'm guessing I'll probably end up with the 62 gram weights, D&D primary spring(Yellow, or teal) D&D Helix and Driven spring. Which is probably the same as taking a little weight off the tips of the 63's.
I tried the heavier 65 gram weights, and it just seemed to make the motor too lazy. It should be great for top end lake running, but no fun on the trail. I'm running a 1" track, with 153 1.175" Megabites.
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