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F7 Clutch alignment

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Checked clutch center to center, offset and parallelism on my F7 sno-pro last weekend. From the factory found center to center right-on, offset very close, but the primary/secondary were out of parrallel by NEGATIVE 3/16" (and with the new motor mounts, there is no way to adjust). I could have lived with it if it was between 1/8" in the Positive to dead parrallel. Cat claims to have not heard of this problem and confirms there is no adjustment. Anyone else seeing this??
Thanks for a great site!!!!
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Yes, for minor center to center variance you can dial-in static belt deflection by adding/removing the secondary shim washers. This should fix your "too close" center to center condition, so you are going the right direction by removing shims (the ones between the secondary sheaves) in your case. You are in-effect going from having a belt that is too long, to a proper length belt by allowing the secondary sheaves to close further together. This is absolutley critical to having a good holeshot. How much too close is the center to center distance on your F7?
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