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f7 best water skipper

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This machine crosses water better than any machine I have ever been on put a 102.4 miles on on saterday probly 45 miles was open water. you can drop of the ice at 10 and the sled will speed up going across open water. I know 1 strech was at least 3/4 of mile it even turns great on the water. so for you guys that come up to open water you don't have to be afraid to cross it. by the way I have an f7 standerd susp with 1" lug track I would be willing to bet the sno pro would even do better.
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Thats just not smart in my opinion, im thinkin the insurance company will laugh at a claim if somethin goes wrong. I can see maybe skipin across some shallow water, but 45 miles...? I just dont see the purpose. Unless you have no worries about money i suppose..... <_<
my friend (Davey_boy) has the f7 sno pro with the 1.375 inch track and his goes well too.
Well when you have no snow and all you have to ride on is the small lake and the river you do what you have to to get some miles on. its not like I crossed 45 miles at once just alot of open spots when its 40 degrees out. It never heated up once was very impressed. The water is very shallow a couple of feet at the most exept at the mouth of the lake but that part was froze.
Why do it? Thats a silly question because its FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN. :p B) :p Why drive your F7 ant 116?? I can answer that to!
Yes my sled goes great on water, im pretty impressed with it, it goes better than di thought it would.
My F5 goes really well, I did a pretty long strech but I could feel my sled loosing power..So if I were to go for a really long stretch I don't think I would make it....The f7 with all its power could go forever
do people sit back or forward on long water crossings
Sit any way you like as soon as you get up on top and rolling. you could lie down if you wanted to! as long as you had some way of hitting the gas
lmfao.... ill try that when i cross the opening at yellowknife river tomorrow

i cant swim :blink:
playing in the water used to be fun for me untill i sank one 12ft deep in a golfcourse lake, had to swim about 60 feet to get back to shore, not fun
if its more than 4 sleds lengths of open water i now go around,
it'll happen sooner later, like it did to me splashed up water went in the air intake and gugle,gurgle............... took 4 hrs with a row boat and hook to get it out!!!!
oh yea by the way,
my insurance company fully covered it, they said 40% of thier snowmobile claims involve sunken sleds,
i did not offer them any info that was not neede if you know what i mean!!
oops, i thought the ice was thick enough!!
by the way.....has anyone driven their cat into waves?....like 10 ft waves?
Not firecat related but.. my friend has a picture of someone on a snowmoble pulling a water skier! That is the funniest crap I've ever seen.
My buddie thought it was fun till he got water on the clutch, down she went! good thing he was close to shore. It would not have been so funny if not. But then again it was a Doo!
I was out skipping water again yesterday I pulled 2 doos back to the truck after they had sank and 1 pol. the f7 never missed a beat it just kept going there was alot more open water yesterday than before. you can almost stop on the water and hit the trottle and take off again
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