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F6 Secondary Swap?

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I have a 2005 F6 that has never seen snow. Are you guys swapping to the new 10.4 secondary? Or is this not as big of an issue with the 6's?
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I'm updating of 05 F7 with this 10.4" sheaves. I was told that the sheaves are bigger and the new belt is wider which has more contact. The 05's had alot of belt slippage and caused the belts to get to hot and blow up. This makes since because my sled would get up to about 95 mph and thats all she wrote. Never saw it over 100 mph like a F7 is capable of. And as far as the belts blowing, the 05's clutches caused alot of heat do to the slippage going on at top end. If your at all serious about the updating, then you better act now, because guys will be trying to get the updates. I have mine ordered right now and hope to see them at my house next week.
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