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Just a note to tell all you sledhead that I seen the new F6 today! Two of them!

Up here in ND. Arctic Cat R & D is what my buddy and I figured. They where coming in the bar when we where leaving. A group of guys on F5's, F7's, and of course F6's!

We went over to them and looked at them. I guy standing there said that their staying at Lake Metigoshe. They came up from Cat and had these sleds in an enclosed Team Artic Cat trailer.

Nice looking machines. I really like the black bellys with the green hoods. There's no way that I'd trade an F7 for a F6 thou. No way would I give up the extra power for a little color and different graphics.

Anyway sledheads, I seen them first. Who would have ever thought it would have been up here in ND. Think Snow!!
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