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From BlackMagic, thought everyone would likle to see:

Firecat F6 HeartThrob Clutch Kit Performance

Last week we provided you with the basics of the new F6 with regard to the performance on the dyno. It shows that the little 600 has some real beans. Well, you may wonder, how does this work in the field? Below you will find our test results along with a comparison with an F7 in the same conditions, on the same day. These tests were run on the river here in TRF, MN. The snow is a hard pack of nearly 10 to 12 inches that has been driven on by snowmobiles, trucks, and cars. It was not a very smooth surface, so the true ability of the top speeds was not found in these conditions. A smooth ice surface would have proven to be substantially faster, but you will still be able to see the performance gains of the vehicles with our clutch kits when compared to stock.

All of the tests are done in combinations of three runs per test. We then take the results from these three runs, add them up and divide the total by three to produce what we feel is a true average for the test. Although these tests are not as scientific as some of our readers would like to see, we feel they represent how the actual product works when compared in as identical conditions as possible on the same day.

Firecat F7 With two studs per bar, and 950 miles on the sled

1000' MPH 1000' ET 1/2 mile speed on radar

Stock 95.8 8.72 106.2 mph

With HeartThrob Clutch Kit
96.8 8.37 107.0 mph

p/n 80-2646

Firecat F6 With two studs per bar, and 265 miles on the sled

1000' MPH 1000' ET 1/2 mile speed on radar

Stock 90.6 9.02 101.0 mph

With HeartThrob Clutch Kit 93.1 8.50 103.2 mph

p/n 80-2724

As you can see from above, the little F6 will be right on the heels of it's big brother. The performance is not that far off, and it will prove to be a very nimble and fun trail sled. Next week we will provide you with some of the same results with some of our new pipe configurations on both the 600 and the 700 Firecats. Stay tuned!!
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