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F5-What the hell was wrong??????

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F5-Dealer prep-1 1.943-69.23-8.883-73.77-12.07-76.92-14.975
600 pro x -13.373
rev 600-13.024

2001 zr500apv-1.832-5.189-8.189 at 79.65-86.70-13.439

Hate to say it but anybody who knows anything about snowmobiles,this f5 was screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly,i hope someone with any brains digs into this matter,hell send me out there,i will tear into that sled.There is no reason a f5 should be a second and half slower then 2001.I still have my 2001,will be riding both shortly.Does anybody have any results from a real f5 not the z120 disguised as a f5 at shootout.Give me a f------ break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ouch
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Everyone must realize that these times were very diff. from previous years due to bad track conditions . the f7 only went 95 , last year the srx went 101 and my f7 will beat my buddys 02 srx . the track was terrible , i was there dont be fooled by these times ...

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There is no way in hell that a sxr600 is going to beat a f5. I saw one this past weekend all over a viper to 1000 feet. There was something not right with the f5. It was reading very low on the dyno. the epts sensor is built to dump heat into the pipe which should be less prone to temp changes. It was sick! :unsure:

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