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F5-First ride in ishpeming-Pros and cons

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Well first off,got to ride it for the first time this weekend-220 miles and alls well!Well being an owner of all zr500s since 1998 i know my 500cc cats.By the way still own my 2001 zr500apv for my wife(at least i thought,until i couldnt pry her ass off the firecat,she was all smiles,she weighs 105# and said this was the first time her back didnt hurt after riding,trails where o.k. for early december,not alot of grooming)owned a 2002 cross country,i hated it,to many problems with suspension and wasnt as fast as my 2001,anyways.

1.Suspension-awesome to say the least-best thing on this sled is the rear suspension-soaks up bumps like a soft sponge-never bottomed out-rear springs set on softest-couplers on 1
2.Quite-best sounding and very quite compared to zrs-soft on the ears
3.Power-will walk my 2001 from the beginning and keep gaining-raced a 2002 mxz 600 up to about 80-no contest-ski doo wasnt even close-raced 3 times-hell my wife was beating it (ski doo)on my 2001 but she is light-both my sleds no studs-ski doo was owned by a bud
4.Looks-driving this sled is like driving my superbees-everyone stops and looks or thumbs up or everyone asks about it at motel or getting food.By the way only saw 4 other firecats in the ishpeming,big bay area,alot of revs.
5.Adjusting suspension-very easy-especially front springs-can set up in minutes for my wife to me
6.Handling-awesome-corners like a Z06 corvette compared to my zr-whats this push issue!!!!If its pushing start adjusting your suspension-its easy-no push issue here at all
7.Light as air-enough said
8.Seat position-you sit so much higher-seat is soft-the position or ride is great

1.Oil light came on at 80 miles-had to keep an eye on until back at hotel-took a quart and half at 120 miles-uses twice as much oil as my zr-will let my dealer adjust during inspection
2.Gas-i am running 320s in my zr-went from 380s to 370s from the beginning in f5-will be checking piston wash and plugs soon-on one gas fill up my zr took 4.5 gallons-f5 took 6.5 gallons
3.Oil leak at doughnut gasket-thanx to this board i had fixed prior to ride-high temp rtv burned off but it saved me the mess during break in-not a speck anywhere
4.All the issues on this board in all honestly made me more nervous then i should of been,this is the best handling-best looking-most powerful 500(dont let that am snow shootout scare anyone-that sled had issues-i posted numbers earlier on the zr500-13.4 in the quarter-the f5 is much faster!!!!!and will only get faster when im done.Hope i didnt forget anything,lets ride!!!!
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