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F5-first powder ride

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We had a Blizzard here over the weekend. LOTS of powder! Went riding sunday afternoon when it cleared up. My F5 held it own in the powder, A lot better than I expected with the skinny track. Then I went down on to the sea ice to check top speed. Theres was about 6" of powder on the trail so I was only going about 80MPH at 8380RPM. I'll have to check topspeed again when the snow gets harder. On a different note I was doing some speed runs on a small lake, the speedo only said 72MPH at 8700-8900RPM. I figured something was wrong so I went home to let my sled cool down. Anyone know what coul've happened there?
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Was your intake filled with snow. That would slow you done, but I would also think it would lower your rpms quite abit.
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