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F5 crosscountry setup

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what should my set up be on this F5, gearing,clutching, track type, etc. Is the F5 snopro mainly set up for snocross? any suggestions, comments. Thanks
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a 760 stroker motor from black magic or a d&d full mod motor,
or high jack tucker hibberts semi !!
Not after AC, you should first improve suspension. In my f5 is not so stiffer, what I suspected. Shocks have to rebuilt anyway. After 30 miles (not so seriously) ditch banning not so good, what I expected (comparing -02 zr 500, which was realy poor after AC). I didn't able to drive stand up, with current suspension adjustments.

First suspension, then some clutching, jetting ...

F5 is potential sled, after some improvements.

Sorry miss spelling (annual Friday 6 pack and foreign).
dont know bout u but on setting 3 it doesnt budge when i sit on it plenty stiff for me takes big air like a champ :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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