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F5 couple of items to check

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F5 check over after 125 miles, revealed a couple minor details other than loose hardware that has been posted in the past. The exhaust pipe temp sensor had loosened up and was flopping around, tightened up easily with 1/2 turn, does not appear to be enough thread surface engaged to hold for long, time will tell. Is there any Loctite product that will stand up to the pipe temp? Secondly, the wiring harness had chafed thru where the over the engine tie-rod connects to the steel steering arm that splines to the spindle where it passes thru the chassis. The harness had ridden up the aluminum chassis tube that houses the steering spindle allowing the edge of the steel steering arm to wear thru the electrical tape wrap into the insulation on the wires almost to the point of shorting. I repaired the area, placed the harness back where it belonged and added another tie wrap.
I am trail rider and this sled is awesome, pulling 90 mph on the straights and railing thru the corners on packed trail conditions. I can live with minor details with this type of performance, plus I'm a maintenance freak anyway.
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How are you guys getting 90 out of your f-5's. I can get to 80-85 across a lake but that's it. Good enough for me though, it's only a 500.
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