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F5 back for some work

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Took the 2 Cats back up to the dealer today, hopefully get my oil problems sorted out, at least there is some snow so he can have the mechanic take it for a spin. He is putting in a new oil sensor and checking to see why it was burning so much...( nearly a quart this last time out to 1/2 tank of gas and 40 miles).

Also replacing the pull rope on both sleds as it is starting to fray some. Should have them back by the weekend or start of the week at the lastest. It figures too.... we got snow last night and here we are with no sleds.

Will let you know what the oil problem was when the get it figured out, hopefully something simple.

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yeah bud..keep us informed cause i put on 75 miles this weekend and went thru all my oil..it took a quart to fill up so not sure how much i really had left to go..but seemed like it went pretty fast..could be the way i was riding too..break em in like your gonna ride em i say :p
Hammer Down...Keep your thumb in the carbs.

My oil consumption does not seem to be to bad. Uses a little more than my previous 440 sno-pro.

However, I am planning on backing down the oil pump after my break in period of about 500 miles.

I figure it will take that long to find the oil pump!!!

right now I think I'll pull the belly pan down.

Green S/P sabercat.
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Info on oil consumption would be great. Over 1/2 tank of gas and a quart of oil in 51 miles on my F5, plan to bring back to dealer for updates and tweaking after 200 miles. Sled goes great, no problems just minor adjustments :rolleyes:
Mines at the dealer right now,same problem,took a quart and a half at 110 miles,way to much.My dealer said oil is cheaper than aluminum,and i said this thing holds 2.8 quarts of oil,that means i could get 220 miles on my oil,wrong!!!!!hell on my old zrs 500s i wouldnt have to worry until i hit 400 miles-besides theirs no room to carry spare oil on f5-anyways mines in the shop getting 300 mile checkup,i told him to check the oil pump adjustment(ive had the carbs off already,once there off oil pump is very easy as its right there)i didnt want to tinker with it until engine was broke in-anyways these f5s might have the adjustment right there on the cable itself,without removing carbs-will let you know when dealer is done and what he found out,and then i will recheck my damn self-but a quart and a half of oil in 110 miles is a joke!!!!!Used twice as much as my 01zr500apv.and i have 3000 trouble free miles with half the oil use-scott
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