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I used 7.5 gallons for 1 hour of idle ( during burping and oogling ) and 66 miles of fast riding with some WOT blasts. The first 20 miles of that was slower brake in though. Fuel switch was on ethanol and premix in tank.

On my first 130 mile ride I used 9.1 gallons which equates to about 14 mpg, this was with premix in the tank and breaking snow all day. I also used 14 oz. of oil which should get me 275 miles per quart. Yesterday on my 100 mile ride I used 7.1 gallons which is also about 14mpg, I was not easy on her yesterday many full throttle runs. 230 miles so far and absolutly love this sled , extremely fast and hard pulling, I can't wait to get up into Quebec where I can really open her up. Good luck to everyone and their new sleds!!

Kris in NH
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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