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after getting 14" of fresh powder i headed out and broke some trails with the f-5 snopro, impressive to say the least!
anyways, before the ride i put the coupling blocks to 2 and got rid of some transfer and to help keep the skis planted, it worked. before in loose snow at slow speeds it did have some push and it did piss me off at times but by just turning the blocks to 2 helped a lot . when riding up an incline, i had more steering than before and while riding the flats the results werer the same .
im making suspension changes ona t a time and then riding it for a day to see how it compares to the previous ride so i dont make any mistakes. the firecat responds to small adjustments and what works fore someone else may not work for you, so do what you need to do for you.
the snopro track is awsome in loose snow and hooks up very well !!!!!!!
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