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Originally posted by racerdave@Sep 25 2005, 05:15 PM
David, is this the same oil, as the Interceptor I bought from you?
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That bottle in the picture is the original Amsoil snowmobile '2 cycle oil'

It was replaced (and color changed from green to blue) part way through the 03-04 snowmobile season. It is labeled as HP Injector oil, which is TCW3 rated, recommended for injector uses or 50:1 premix. The changes were primarily additives to work better in DFI outboard and watercraft motors and to prevent 'ring jacking' problems in some two strokes. It also received additives that reduced smoke and smell, and aquatic toxicity (more eco friendly).

This was done at the same time that they reformulated and relabeled the Series 2000 Racing oil which is now called Dominator.

Interceptor was introduced with a special additive package specifically to help reduce the formation of deposits on exhaust valves or power valves. This is what you (and most of the others at Grays Lake Show) bought.

P.S. thanks for asking me something I know!

from the time you replied, you must have missed most of the rain on the way home.

I got thru the freeways in downtown Milwaukee, just before the manholes collapsed and the lanes turned into lakes. We got 2.3" inches Sunday.
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