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We at EVP have spent quite a bit of time testing and modifying the tuning on these 998 engine to get them where we would like to see them.

We have tuning configurations for most setups.

Stages 0-4 are currently released.

Stage 0 is a fueling tune only. This was made for a customer that wants to run an aftermarket muffler but doesn't want or need the added power. All factory settings are left in place, the only thing changed is fueling.

This tune is $349

Stage 1 is a stock muffler tune. This tune makes 12.5PSI and gains 22hp over stock. Corrected fueling and raised boost pressure is what allowed us those gains. You also get the raised rev limiter (9800) which makes clutching a breeze.


Stages 2,3, and 4 are all aftermarket exhaust tunes ranging from 37hp-58hp over stock. On all three of these tunes the boost pressure was raised as well as corrected fueling.


We know a lot of our customers care about fuel mileage. For those who do we recommend running the stage 4 tuning with a muffler. Customers report seeing anywhere between 14-17MPG

We will be releasing higher HP tunes in the future!

Let us know if you have any questions.
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